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Thomas has experience in equity research, financial modeling, risk analysis and global derivative trading.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance & International Business
  • RG146 certification
  • Licensed to provide advice on securities, managed investments, superannuation and derivatives

Daniel is well equipped in Australian Equities, derivative products and cryptocurrency research.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Law & Commerce
  • RG146 certification
  • Licensed to provide advice on securities, derivatives and in superannuation

Rocco joined TraderNote early 2017 and has experience in Market Research and Investment Advising.

  • RG146 certification
  • Licensed to provide advice on equities, derivatives and superannuation

Brandon joined TraderNote early 2017 and carries experience in equity research sales and investment advising.

  • Bachelor of Finance & Marketing
  • RG146 certification
  • Licensed to provide advice on securities, managed investments, superannuation and derivatives

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